Parents relax, kids run riot at the Sunnseit’n organic farm

The Sunnseit’n organic farm has a lot more to offer little adventurers. And by “a lot” we mean their own house for running around in.

At the Sunnseit’n organic farm, you can actively help out, frolic in the playhouse, or enjoy a winter campfire by the stream. Warm up by petting the animals – the rabbits and guinea pigs are looking forward to meeting you!

From an adventurer to an expert farm hand!
Have you ever used a hay sack as a sledge? With a plastic sack full of hay, you can glide down the mountains faster than you would with a sledge. Our farm dog, Rocky, will accompany you. But be warned: He hates losing! If you go faster than him then he will push your new homemade sledge out from underneath you! Our cows and calves in the stable are waiting impatiently for you. After all, they want to be milked and petted. Our cat, Charlie, is waiting too. He likes nothing better than a cuddle and some freshly collected milk.

No grown-ups allowed!
After hours of fun in the snow or long winter hike, you can warm up by the wood-fired stove in the children’s playhouse. This is the ideal secret hiding place for wet and cold days, because there are 1,000 things to do – and parents are not allowed in! They are sitting in the cosy sauna, and listening to the murmur of the brook. Pack your family’s bags and come and visit us! We look forward to welcoming you!

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