The Master Craftsmen of the Waldviertel

Experience and learn the crafts that you have admired at the Advent market. The Waldviertel has been home to all kinds of crafts for centuries.

Lifelong learning can be a pure delight! Especially if master craftsmen introduce you to craft techniques, and allow you to create your own works of art.

Machinery has long since replaced humans in many industries. Only a few objects which we use on a daily basis are still made by hand. These items are all the more precious to us. A wealth of knowledge of ancient craftsmanship is also invaluable. This is maintained in an exemplary manner in the Waldviertel. The Waldviertel has a rich history as a hotspot for handicraft businesses. For centuries, glassmaking, masonry, and textile production have shaped the economy of the Waldviertel.

A trade in hand finds gold in every land
The focus at the handicraft week is on mediation: it is not simply a matter of admiring the work of master craftsmen, but also of learning from them and even trying your hand. The “apprentices” can indeed take their creations home with them. Have a go at mother-of-pearl turning, producing & shaping & painting pottery, felting, making wool, weaving baskets, boiling soap, sharpening scythes, blowing glass, grinding crystal glass, carving wood, turning wood, making pottery, forging, and many more activities. For Handicraft Weeks, special packages including two overnight stays and craft taster sessions at the workshops in the Waldviertel are available.

Most sessions are suitable for a small number of visitors, but some are aimed at groups. The vast majority of the sessions are presented in German. Sessions in other languages can be arranged by contacting the Waldviertel tourist board.

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