The sweet taste of local culture!

An Alpine summer in Lower Austria without music would be like a hiker without a route. Which is why we will play passionately for you again this year!

There is no end to celebrations in the Alps. It is no wonder, really, since music, lodges and fun times simply belong together. Wherever lively music and hearty fare combine, you can be sure you are experiencing Alpine summer in Lower Austria.

Hikers have always had a song on their lips. Music is as much a part of ascending a mountain as the cross is to the summit and fun times are to an Alpine lodge. That is why we have listed our TOP events during Alpine summer in Lower Austria here and look forward to seeing you there.

TOP mountain festivals

In early June are “Wanderbare Gipfelklaenge”, popular open-air concerts and traveling musicians every year for large numbers of hikers on panoramic tours. Every year in mid-June, the Alpine huts on Wechsel stage the “Schwaigen Reigen”, a festival where hundreds of musicians and folk dancers play and dance their way from one hut to the next.

Dialect and sound

In the summer, Lunzer See causes quite a ripple when the “Wellenklaenge” is put on at the lake stage, bringing contemporary art to this rural idyll.