Things worth seeing on the Thaya Tour

There are many hosts and excursion destinations along the cycle route who would be delighted to have you visit!

The Thaya Tour leads through some wonderful scenery and also offers an attractive link between Austria and our Czech neighbour. Cyclists can explore the renaissance town of Slavonice and the old summer holiday resort of Písečné.

There are many other things to see on the Thaya Tour too, including numerous palaces, castles, churches and ruins, and also the stone signposts, which are relics of former railway lines that tell riders how many kilometres they’ve covered. In Dobersberg Nature Park, a very romantic fern gorge awaits you with ruggedly picturesque rock formations. You will of course have ample opportunity to admire the Thaya from the cycle path as well. There are copses of various trees along its banks, alders, meadows, birch trees and a number of swimming areas, while wooden swimming huts dating from holiday resort era are a reminder of what Písečné was like back then. There are traditional inns and restaurants along the route, at which cyclists can be pampered, and a refreshing good night’s sleep is guaranteed at any of the hotels and guest houses on the way.


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