The history of the Wine Autumn

The Wine Autumn and Lower Austria are inseparable!

The first Weinherbst (“wine autumn”) was celebrated in Lower Austria in 1996. The now-familiar concept of the Wine Autumn in Lower Austria was “invented”. Wine had been produced continuously in the region since the Middle Ages, and in the mid 1990s, the age-old wine cultivation culture was celebrated properly for the first time.

The first Wine Autumn was celebrated in 1996, with 214 events in 36 wine villages. Many seasons later, the Wine Autumn in Lower Austria has developed into Europe’s greatest wine tourism initiative. This year, more than 600 events will take place between the end of August and the end of November, in over 100 towns along the Wine Road. Atmospheric celebrations in the Kellergassen, convivial young wine tasting sessions, educational walks through the vineyards, traditional harvest festival parades and ceremonial wine baptisms – you will discover many new ways of drinking wine, and parts of the wine culture during the Wine Autumn in Lower Austria.

Wine Autumn events