Ysper-Weitental circular hiking route (no. 22)

Immerse yourself in some of the best the worlds of food and nature have to offer on 170 kilometres through southern Waldviertel.

The Ysper-Weitental circular hiking route presents natural water-lined ravines and spectacular viewpoints.

This is how wonderful long-distance hiking can be: The Ysper-Weitental circular hiking route – affectionately also referred to as “the 22” – familiarises walkers with the contrasting charms of southern Waldviertel. Part of the landscape consists of gently sloping highland with beautiful views, while other areas are made up of narrow valleys and granite blocks of stone and mountain massifs. One suitable place for beginning this tour, which normally takes about nine days, is the likeable village of Nöchling. With the Danube Valley and a panorama of Alpine foothills behind them, hikers walk along the Kleine Ysper river from here to the Große Ysper river. After all, it is these rivers which cut deep into the Waldviertel granite and formed the incomparable Ysper Gorge, the next landmark along this REAL discovery route. There is a countless number of tiny elevation changes as the Große Ysper ultimately drops from over 800 metres to 550 metres. Aided by wooden bridges and paths and accompanied by gleaming black blocks of granite and walls of rock, hikers have been navigating the river valley for generations – while remaining close to the water encompassed by the power of the natural Waldviertel surroundings all the way through.

Things worth seeing along the route

  • Viewpoints – Kleiner Peilstein and Großer Peilstein: The highest points in Waldviertel offer fascinating all-round views of the land.
  • Herzstein in Sankt Oswald: In the heart of some unspoilt countryside, hikers can visit one of the most fascinating cult stones in Waldviertel. The Herzstein is known as a “removal stone”, on which diseases, suffering and even sins can be removed according to legend.
  • Weinsberg Forest ruins: The climb up to these castle ruins is worth doing, not just because of the scenery and 360-degree view it offers, but also because the ruins themselves are worth seeing and are steeped in legend.
  • Swimming ponds: Just jump in! There are countless ponds and lakes in Waldviertel that are perfect for a gloriously refreshing swim.
  • Losenegger Gorge in Sankt Oswald: With the beautifully clear water rushing over the stones and the soft green moss and ferns, you could be forgiven for thinking you are in an enchanted forest here.