"alpannonia" - feeder: Wenigzell - St. Jakob im Walde - Hochwechsel

Hiking route from Wenigzell to Wetterkoglerhaus on the Hochwechsel

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Elevation profile

25,20 km length

Tour dates
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Route: 25,20 km
  • Ascent: 1.257 egm
  • Descent: 348 egm
  • Duration: 8:00 h
  • Lowest point: 774 m
  • Highest point:1.743 m
  • Stage tour
  • Nice views
  • With refreshment stops
  • Summit tour

Details for: "alpannonia" - feeder: Wenigzell - St. Jakob im Walde - Hochwechsel

Brief description

From the UNESCO World Heritage site of Semmering or the high-altitude health resort of Fischbach to the edge of the Pannonian plain near Köszeg, a path full of variety and attractions of nature leads: alpannonia®.

Or you can start the alpannonia trail in the fairytale village of Wenigzell. From there, the "power trail" continues to the neighboring community of St. Jakob im Walde. Across the hilly landscape, the trail then continues to the Hochwechsel. From there you can then join the main alpannonia trail.


The "Kraftpfad" connects the two communities of Wenigzell and St. Jakob im Walde. Along the way, 15 stations tell you everything about the sources of power that make us who we are, and at the same time you walk through 15 billion years of evolutionary history. In St. Jakob im Walde there is the exhibition center Kräftereich and the blooming Europapark. Wenigzell is known for the Joglland Oasis and the 1st Barefoot Park in Austria. Both communities also belong to the Styrian Flower Road.

After reaching the community of St. Jakob im Walde, you hike around the 1111m high Arzberg and then reach the Rabl-Kreuz Hütte. Via the Kaltwiesenhütte or the Hochwechselstraße you reach the summit of the 1743m high Hochwechsel after about 2 1/2 more hours.

Starting point of the tour


Destination point of the tour

Wetterkoglerhaus on the Hochwechsel

Route description "alpannonia" - feeder: Wenigzell - St. Jakob im Walde - Hochwechsel

  • We start in Wenigzell
  • From there we hike along the Kraftpfad to St. Jakob im Walde
  • We still follow the path 914 until we pass the Bühlhofer cross
  • Then we walk over the Blasenkogel and the Ochsenkopf to the Rabl-Kreuz hut
  • Now we can either hike directly to the Hochwechsel, or make a short detour to the Kaltwiesen hut

Weitere Informationen zur Anreise: Dorfplatz, Wenigzell 


Parkplätze in Wenigzell am Dorfplatz, beim Barfußpark bzw. der ehemaligen Hauptschule.

Mit der ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen) bis Bahnhof Rohrbach. Von dort mit Bus oder Taxi nach Wenigzell.

Weitere Informationen unter www.oebb.at oder unter Verbundlinie Steiermark 

More info/links

Tourism Association East Styria

Office Joglland - Waldheimat

8255 St. Jakob im Walde

church quarter 24

Tel.: +43 3336 20255






Proper backpacking makes many things easier: pack heavy things first. The water bottle should always be within easy reach in a side pocket. All things that are often needed, such as sunglasses, camera or hiking map, belong on top.

An emergency kit belongs in every backpack!

A clothing according to the "onion system" is always recommended!

A good hiking boot is a good companion and should never be missing on the mountain!

Safety information

Important telephone numbers:

European emergency call: 112Mountain rescue emergency call: 140 (if possible, please provide GPS data)

Rescue: 144

Fire department: 122

Police: 133


Correct behavior when hiking: Rules of conduct when hikingHere you will find the rules of conduct for "Safe handling of grazing livestock" and safety on the mountain.


A few tips on correct and fair behavior in the forest: (Source: www.bundesforste.at)


Hikers should avoid visiting the forest approx. 1.5 hours before sunrise and after sunset, as wild animals are particularly active at this time.

Plastic bottles, handkerchiefs, cigarette butts etc. have no place in the forest! Please make sure that you do not leave any garbage in the forest.

Camping and making fires is strictly forbidden in the forest!

In principle, every person in the forest is allowed to collect 2 kg of mushrooms and berries per day for their own use. It is only prohibited if the forest owner expressly forbids it.

Map recommendations

Wander- Ski- und Radtourenkarte Joglland Waldheimat Maßstab: 1:50.000 erhältlich beim Tourismusverband Joglland Waldheimat Kompass Wanderführer Joglland Maßstab: 1:50.000 erhältlich beim Tourismusverband Joglland Waldheimat alpannonia Wanderkarte Maßstab: 1:150.000 erhältlich beim Tourismusverband Joglland Waldheimat

Author's tip

The hike along the Alpannonia feeder road from Wenigzell to the Hochwechsel is a true hike to recharge your batteries: First you hike from Wenigzell along the Kraftpfad to St. Jakob im Walde, there you can visit the Kräftereich exhibition and then you continue on to the Hochwechsel. The innkeepers in the villages also invite you to a little refreshment.

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