The historical heartland of today’s Austria is a popular vacation and travel destination.

Lower Austria

In the heart of Europe and always a border region: Lower Austria has always attracted people and powers that ensured an eventful history and an exceedingly rich cultural heritage. The palette ranged from small and old, like the Venus from Willendorf, to big and modern, like the Landhausviertel and the cultural district in St. Pölten, the newest capital city in Europe. However, Lower Austria’s special geographic location has not only brought forward a rich cultural heritage, but thanks to the meeting of the alpine and the Pannonian, as well as northern and southern climate zones it also has brought forward an unforgettable diversity of landscapes. Flood plain forests and steppes, mountain pastures and lakes, gorges and hilly terrain, river valleys and marshlands: there is hardly any other place in Europe where so many different landscapes come together so harmoniously in such close proximity. This vacation country along the Danube River is scenically charming and culturally rich!