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Spring, © Andreas Jakwerth
The way is the goal, © Franziska Consolati
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Welcome to Lower Austria!

Latest from Lower Austria: exceptional holiday offers, selected event information and special tips for your free time: Lower Austria is the state you can experience, discover and taste the amazing things in life.

Useful information: COVID-19.

Paradise for pleasure cyclists:, © Stefan Mayerhofer

Pleasure cycling in Lower Austria

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An Alpine summer in the Rax mountains, © Niederösterreich-Werbung/Robert Herbst

Hiking in Lower Austria

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Mailberg, © Romeo Felsenreich

Wine spring

Cheers! Spring greetings in a glass

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Daffodil blossom in Lower Austria, © Fred Lindmoser

Spring in Lower Austria

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Blooming pleasure on the Danube, © Niederösterreich Werbung/ Christian Majcen

Budding Life

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Wine Culture, © Julius Hirtzberger

Event highlights of 2022

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Landesausstellung 2022, Marchegg, © Rupert Pressl

Discover the “MARCHFELD secrets”

Lower Austrian State Exhibition 2022

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in the vineyard, © Julius Hirtzberger

JUST ENJOY tours in spring

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Today, the historic heartland of Austria is a popular holiday and excursion destination.

Lower Austria

In the heart of Europe and surrounded by constantly changing borders: Lower Austria has always attracted people and powers. This has made for an eventful history and an extremely rich cultural heritage. Its treasures range from small, ancient figurines like the Venus of Willendorf, to large-scale and modern architecture like the Government Quarter and the Cultural District in St Pölten - the youngest state capital in Europe. Lower Austria's special geographic location has not only given the country a rich cultural heritage, but also an incomparable variety of landscape types thanks to the meeting of Alpine, Pannonian, and northern and southern European climate zones. Alluvial forests and steppes, alpine pastures and lakes, gorges and hilly landscapes, river valleys and moors.... There is probably no other place in Europe where so many landscapes come together harmoniously in such a dense area. The country on the Danube presents itself as a scenic and culturally attractive holiday destination!