By bus

Climb aboard, sit back, arrive: Easily reach all four corners of the region by bus.

Let someone else sit behind the wheel, while you make yourself comfortable onboard the bus, and gaze out of the window. Pristine forests, vineyards and square courtyards race past. Everybody out – we’re in Lower Austria!

Travel quickly and comfortably to Lower Austria by bus
The long-distance bus takes you directly to your destination in Lower Austria. Details of routes, bus stops and services can be obtained directly from Flixbus and Postbus.

Travel through Lower Austria by bus
Travel in comfort on one of the 11 express routes operated by Wieselbus to your next concert, the vast mountain landscapes, or to a cosy tavern. If you are coming from Vienna, bus Line L will take you to the state capital of Lower Austria, St. Pölten, in no time.

From Vienna to the sights of Lower Austria by bus
On weekends and public holidays, the hop-on hop-off bus line offers direct connections from Vienna to Carnuntum and Schloss Hof, via Mayerling and Heiligenkreuz Abbey in the Vienna Woods, and offers excursions (bus & boat trips) to Wachau.