By train

Climb aboard and head to a place where opposites unite. Your holiday begins on the train to Lower Austria.

Owing to its central location, Lower Austria is well-connected to the European rail network, and is optimally integrated into the Austrian network. Travel in the comfort of the train to your holiday and excursion destinations in Lower Austria.

Be on the right track
The state capital of Lower Austria, St. Pölten, can be comfortably reached by rail – often without having to change trains (3.5 hours from Munich, 2 hours from Passau and Salzburg, 3.75 hours from Budapest, 5.5 hours from Prague via Vienna, and 2 hours from Bratislava via Vienna).

Timetable information can be obtained from the service providers ÖBB and Westbahn.

ÖBB combi-tickets: Combine the beautiful with the enjoyable
Do you want to relax at the Therme Laa spa complex? Or to soak up some local culture in the Renaissance-era Schallaburg Castle? Or to hike in the Rax mountains? With the ÖBB Familienspass (Family Fun), Kulturgenuss (Cultural Pleasures) and Sommerträume (Summer Dreams) combi-tickets, your activities in Lower Austria are already organised for you!

Affordable train journeys
With an ÖBB Sparschiene (Saver) ticket, you can travel not only comfortably, but also affordably.

All aboard to Lower Austria and the sweet life!