Walk with goats

Holidays at the Karhof

The Egger Karhof (Egger family farm) lies at the heart of the Dirndltal. Here you can follow fantastic hiking and cycling routes, enjoy excursions to destinations in the diverse Mostviertel, or lend a hand in the stables and the fields.

There’s nothing to grumble about:
Goat walks and stable work

A day on the Karhof begins in the stable. More precisely: In the hen house, where you will take the breakfast eggs, and then feed the calves, pigs and goats. They will be happy about that, because they are always extremely hungry in the early morning. After that, a walk with the goats is on the agenda. Our goats love going for walkies. Later, there will be an introduction to pony grooming. If you are feeling brave, this can be your daily duty, which you will carry out on your own.

Swing the lasso:
Wild West and other adventures

From driving tractors, to hay bales and bonfires, several adventures await you at the Karhof every day. There is also a lot to discover and experience in the area around the farm. The outdoor pool in Pielach, for example, which can be accessed directly from the farm. You will practically be a VIP swimmer. Or visit the Greenhorn Hill Wild West Village, and be a cowboy or cowgirl for the day. You can borrow a bike (free of charge) from the town hall. With this, you can explore the surrounding area, and enjoy day trips. As you can see, there is always something going on at the Egger Karhof!

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