One big family

With the Kerndler family at the Kerndler farm

What is life like on a real farm? With Viki, the blind horse? With Sissi the goat, with all the many little animal children? Life’s great, that’s what it is! With the Kerndler family, you and your children are well taken care of and are part of our big family of people and animals.

Amazing, isn’t it!

How do chickens cluck when they’ve laid an egg? Why are kid goats so brash? And how do you milk a cow? At our farm, there are so many animals for you to make friends with. Together with you, we can take care of our big family of animals. The way real farmers do.

Can blind animals see? Yes, with your help that is. Our pony Viki may be blind but you can help her take a walk. Our little animals also like comfort. They especially like being pulled around in the doll carriage!

It never gets dull on our farm! If the weather turns bad, just head for the playroom. Or help us with cooking and baking in the kitchen. Then everything will taste all the better!

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