Spa treatments for grown-ups, stable work for children

At Biohof Ebenbauer, you will find all the ingredients of a perfect holiday.

You will find everything at Biohof Ebenbauer (Ebenbauer Organic Farm) in the Mostviertel – apart from boredom. Honey harvesting, tractor rides and catching frogs are all on the agenda, before home-made delicacies are served for refreshment. Our adventurers, Pia and Paul, were enthralled. How about you?

1,000 firsts: from catching newts to harvesting honey
Cuddly farm cats, Benni (the playful farm dog), chickens, sheep, and cows live at Biohof Ebenbauer, which is the starting point of many exciting adventures. For example, you can catch newts and frogs in the pond in front of the house, or go on a boat ride. And while doing stable work, playing in the hay, and driving tractors makes you sweat, your parents will be sweating in the sauna. Or in the gym, where they can really burn off some energy. For you, though, the farm’s go-karts and adventure playground are suitable for this. Our tip: Try your hand at harvesting honey.

Adventurous outings: Hiking, climbing and tobogganing in the Mostviertel
Surrounding Biohof Ebenbauer, there are super hiking and walking routes on the Schobesberg and Wieseberg mountains. The route gets steeper at the climbing park and zoo in Buchenberg, or during a hike on the Schluchtenweg (Gorge route) in Opponitz. A natural toboggan run awaits dynamic adventurers. A picnic on the Panoramahöhenweg is an unforgettable experience, and the farms along the route offer regional products on their gate sales stands. You simply must see the breathtaking view, which is best served with the home-made doughnuts in your backpack!

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