Eat Art in the Kamp Valley

A Swiss artist has opened his own sanctuary in Kamptal in Lower Austria.

Daniel Spoerri is the founder of Eat-Art. He displays his work in his museum in Hadersdorf and in the nearby ‘tischlein deckt sich’ inn.

For Daniel Spoerri, Eat Art represents the fact that eating and cooking are part of the life cycle. His art incorporates object art and process art, as the put-together product is only one aspect of an entire cycle, which includes life and death, decay and rebirth.

Art and food in Kamptal

The Swiss artist with Romanian heritage has combined two properties in Kamptal into a non-profit foundation. One of the houses is an eatery. There is an exhibition space on the first floor, which was once the site of Lower Austria’s first silent cinema.

Spoerri’s Museum

Changing exhibitions, with work by Daniel Spoerri in conversation with artists from his artistic circle, are displayed in the museum. The formerly small rooms have a personal feel, which is highly rated by visitors. The inner courtyard and vegetable garden are perfect places to relax in when the sun is shining.