Danube Wetlands National Park

schlossORTH National Park Center is the gateway to the Danube Wetlands National Park.

Danube Wetlands National Park preserves one of Central Europe’s last unspoiled natural wetlands. The national park visitor center in Orth Castle serves as a gateway to the Danube wetlands, inviting visitors to become more familiar with this fascinating landscape.

The Danube wetlands located between Vienna and Bratislava have enjoyed  special protection since 1996 as a national park. The Danube is free flowing here and the interplay of rising and falling water creates a variety of habitats for precious species of plants and animals.

The gateway to the wetlands
The beauty of the Danube wetlands is best explored on extensive guided tours with national park rangers or at Orth Castle, home to the national park visitor center. The interactive multimedia exhibition at the national park visitor center offers a key to the world of the untamed, mysterious wetlands and seeks to stir visitors’ interest in encountering nature. It vividly explains how the Danube wetlands originated and what their current situation is as well as revealing hidden treasures.

Island in the Danube
The castle island is the outdoor portion of the national park visitor center. It introduces visitors to the habitats, flora and fauna  of the Danube wetlands. European pond turtles, various species of snake and the cute ground squirrels are especially popular among young and old. The underwater observation stations is the heart of the castle island and provides visitors with unique views into a body of water, akin to snorkeling – large numbers of domestic fish swim by the viewing windows. The castle island has a playground where children can romp to their heart’s content as well as idyllic places for watching and relaxing.

  • Danube Wetlands National Park preserves one of Central Europe’s last major unspoiled riparian wetlands.
  • The national park center at Orth Castle takes an unconventional approach that helps visitors better understand the fascinating world of the Danube wetlands.
  • Danube exhibition (DonAUräume)
  • The only walk-in underwater station in Austria
  • Numerous events, family festivals and guided tours
  • National park shop and castle café

danube wetlands national park