Archery and Scottish cattle in the Mostviertel

At Dorferhof, the Kronsteiners’ family farm in the Mostviertel

The Kronsteiner family’s rustic quadrangular stone farmstead stands in the midst of lush meadows and dense forests with gently rolling hills all around. At Dorferhof, little kids can look forward to loads of animals, adventure and nature. And bigger kids can look forward to self-made cider and massages.

Amazing, isn’t it!

You’ve never seen a teddy bear with horns? Then you don’t know our cows! Our Scottish Highland cattle are really cuddly looking. And they are especially trusting. As are our two ponies, the sheep, pigs and cats.

Have you ever taken a rabbit out for a walk? Try it sometime! Our rabbits hop along very well-behaved when they are on the leash. They do not know any commands yet, however. But you can try. 

How about shooting a bow and arrow like Robin Hood! We’ll show you how it’s done. Maybe you’ll hit a bull’s eye?

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