Paradise for kids and animals in the Mostviertel

With the Essletzbichler family at Feldmühle near Purgstall

When was the last time you threw open the window in the morning and heard no traffic noise at all? It is absolutely quiet at Feldmühle, the farm of the Essletzbichler family. It is a genuine paradise for your children, so full of adventure, fun and games, and all kinds of animals.

Amazing, isn’t it!

Snuggle is not just her name, she also loves doing it – snuggling up. After all she is a cat. Her friends Luna and Flap like cuddling and snuggling, too. We have many sheep, goats, rabbits and guinea pigs just waiting for you. In the barn, we are happy to show you how to feed and milk the cows. It is not all that easy but with a little practice you will be tasting a glass of self-milked milk in no time.

Fresh milk makes you big and strong! Then it’s off to our playground. You can learn mountain climbing on our climbing wall and whiz around curves on a go-cart like an arrow shot out of a bow. And if it gets too hot, we block up the stream with you and build ourselves a real dam. In the evening we sit around a campfire and sing.

Nearby is an ostrich farm that you can visit with your family. Ostriches are big birds. They have long legs but quite small wings. Looking at them, it is easy to imagine that birds descended from dinosaurs.

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