Out into the green! Country outing for enjoying the Weinviertel

When Weinviertel locals greet spring, it is time for the first bottles of the new wine to be opened. Our country outing is an enjoyable tour for you to explore this culinary adventure with all your senses.

Weinviertel means “Wine Quarter” and therefore naturally has exceptionally tasty traditions. It should come as no surprise that people follow the annual cry: In die Grean gehen! – Out into the green! Keep reading to find out just what that means and what further highlights the blooming Weinviertel has in store for visitors.

Prost, springtime!

When the Weinviertel winemakers greet spring and taste the new wines, people refer to an age-old custom celebrated every year on Easter Sunday. It is called “In die Grean gehen” (Go out into the green!) and is a red letter date for wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Incidentally, Gasthaus Bsteh in Wulzeshofen near Laa an der Thaya has great pre-game food, namely excellent goulash and fresh fruits and veggies from their own herb garden – and a rose blossom or two also ends up in the pot.

Tasty Weinviertel: Golden blossoms and grape juice

The delights in the Weinviertel continue at Bio-Imkerei Blütengold, the Obendorfer family’s organic honey farm in Wilfersdorf. We encourage you to take the guided tour of the beekeeping operation and the bee adventure garden, including product tasting. Then head for Vino Versum Poysdorf to find out all about grapes and wine. This special-theme exhibition for the whole family offers plenty of interaction in three languages (German, English, Czech). Even wine experts can learn a thing or two. Our inside tip worth seeing and tasting in the Weinviertel: a stroll along the Wildendürnbach cellar-lined road. The wine there is excellent and the road is architecturally fascinating, because it runs around the Galgenberg where gallows once stood.


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