Blockheide-Eibenstein Nature Park, © Naturparke Niederösterreich/Robert Herbst

Nature parks

20 of the 47 Austrian nature parks are in Lower Austria; they reflect the unbelievable variety of landscapes in the province.

Alpine meadows, riparian forests and lush vineyards, narrow canyons and sweeping heathland, gently rolling hills and craggy ridges, picturesque river banks and mysterious moors: The confluence of Alpine and Pannonian, northern European and southern European influences is what gives Lower Austria its varied landscapes. Nowhere else in Central Europe boasts such diversity in such a concentrated form.

The legendary Wackelsteine (rocking stones) in Blockheide nature park

There are all kinds of myths surrounding the Wackelsteine in Blockheide nature park. Our tip: The exciting Granite Tour with stunning views and a visit to the UnterWasserReich Schrems nature park and upland moor, where you will be immersed in the fascinating world of the ponds and moors of the Waldviertel, and where the largest fish population in Austria lives. Ideal for families, adventures and amateur geologists.

Say hello to the wild boars in Sparbach nature park!

Animal adventures, exciting tales about knights, and a huge playground which includes a treehouse, await visitors of all ages in Austria’s oldest nature park, near Mödling. A perfect way of exploring Sparbach nature park is to follow this hiking route. We hope you will enjoy many unforgettable moments!

Look out to the Ötscher from the Hohe Wand nature park

If you meet deer and alpacas, discover natural treasures and find yourself above the clouds, then you are in the Hohe Wand nature park and enjoying the Ötscher-Blick-Tour. This wonderful route takes you to the Skywalk panoramic terrace and offers unique views of the Ötscher, before leading you along the rocky edge and to a well-earned rest!

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