Miniature goats and pony riding with a view of the Danube

Pichelbauer, the Wiesingers’ family farm in St. Martin

How can you make everyday problems small and insignificant? By looking down on the Danube, Erlauf and Ybbs valleys from a high hilltop. That is where Pichelbauer farm is located in the midst of meadows and forests. The Wiesinger family pays loving attention to detail to see to it that you and your family have everything you need.

Amazing, isn’t it!

Ever seen pizza dough rise? The yeast you put in it makes it expand and double or triple in size. You say the dough rises. Together we can bake fantastic pizzas. They taste much better than frozen ones. And if you like campfires, we can have cookout at suppertime. For dessert, there are raspberries you pick yourself.

Of course, our many animals get hungry too! Will you help us feed them and take care of them? We show you what the various animals like to eat best. You can also go out for a ride with the ponies. Or take a walk around the farm with the cute miniature goats. They enjoy being with you bleating all the way.

How did knights live in the olden days? At Aggstein ruins you can have a look at where the old robber barons lived. They used to stretch a huge chain across the Danube to stop the ships and rob them! Today life on the Danube is more peaceful. You can take wonderful bike rides and great excursions along this mighty river.

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