Hay mattresses, farmer museum and the Mostviertel

At the Pieringer family farm in Michelbach

Being a child and being able to feel like you’re a child again – the Pieringer family invites all its guests, big and small, to enjoy the great outdoors. Explore the huge farmer museum and enjoy all kinds of adventures. And do all this just 30 minutes away from Vienna.

Amazing, isn’t it!

After a day full of fun and games on our big children’s playground, it is time to hit the sack. In the barn, we make up a real hay mattress for you. It is so cozy and exciting here. And in the morning you are woken up by the mooing of the cows. 

Can you whistle with a blade of grass? Do you know the difference between beech trees and oak trees? Take your parents or grandparents by the hand and walk with us through the woods. It smells so different here. A little like resin, like wood, like mushrooms and like the animals hiding here.

Our grandpa is also a museum director! He collected 3,500 items to exhibit! Imagine that! There are old tractors, tools and much, much more. He is happy to show them to you personally. And then he’ll invite all of you on a tractor ride.

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