With both feet firmly in the clouds

The world looks altogether different when you are taking in breathtaking views from Lower Austrian lookout platforms.

Breathtaking, fantastic, incredible – moments that a photo can hardly capture. That describes Lower Austria’s panoramas from two very special outlook platforms, Skywalk Hohe Wand and 360° Skytour Hochkar.

Paradise of scenic views: Skywalk Hohe Wand
The climbing, paragliding and hiking paradise known as Hohe Wand Nature Park gives visitors breathtaking views and insights into nature. Skywalk Hohe Wand affords an especially fantastic vista. Visitors can look straight down nearly 120 m – or have themselves abseiled down. Those in less of a hurry can take one of the numerous hiking trails and with luck might spy an ibex or stag.

Summits at your feet: 360° Skytour Hochkar
The 1 km circular trail starts at JoSchi-Berghaus and ends at the 360° summit view. Even the climb up is breathtaking. Visitors walk over a 60 m long suspension bridge to reach the platform. There are wonderful distant views from there into the Danube Valley and the Waldviertel and Weinviertel. On clear days, visitors have more than 100 summits at their feet, some rising to elevations as high as 2,000 m. Truly a sight to behold!