Hiking on the Arc of the Vienna Alps, © Wiener Alpen/Florian Lierzer

The way is the goal!

Lower Austria’s diverse landscapes can also be explored on myriad tours and hiking routes, from distance hiking and pilgrimages to hikes with kids or with dogs, tours for expert climbers or for weekend walkers.

Ötschergräben is one of Austria’s most scenic hiking areas. However, Waldviertel ravines also have rugged rock formations and white water streams. And on the Wachau World Heritage Trail and Nibelungengau Trail the Danube is always within sight. The gently rolling Vienna Woods and Weinviertel likewise offer an enchanting contrast to the mountainous landscape of the Vienna Alps.

Hikes and pilgrimages

Hiking in the Ötschergräben, © Niederösterreich-Werbung/ Rober Herbst

Hiking tours

For ramblers and climbers. For explorers in the deep ravines and lush meadows. For those who love to reach the highest peak, and enjoy exploring the…

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