The Lower Austrian mountain experience

A world of stimulation and relaxation

No busy pools, congestion, or noisy air conditioning: Instead, stunning peaks, crystal clear mountain lakes and rustic huts, shady hiking trails and flowering alpine meadows. That is what we mean by an Alpine summer!

What makes the mountains an experience will likely be somewhat different for every single person. Some people want to come down the mountains, whereas others want to climb up them. Some people want to relax and recuperate, whereas others want to stretch themselves. Some people want to enjoy nature, wonderful views and delicious food, others want an all-action experience packed full of fun and live music - and some want to enjoy a little bit of everything. And, finally, some people want to come with their children and dogs, while others want to enjoy time spent as a couple, with friends or on their own.

The mountains of Lower Austria provide a temporary backdrop to all of these different combinations and requirements, ranging from stimulating to relaxing, from mellow to wild and from fast to slow. Indeed, where mountains are involved, there will also be valleys as well. A mountain is not merely its summit, but also its route there.

Here is an overview of what you will find in the mountain regions of the Mostviertel and the Viennese Alps in spring, summer and autumn. You can replenish your energy reserves between mountain pastures, alpine huts and summit crosses. Now: take a deep breath and head for the mountains in Lower Austria!

Many paths lead to the mountains of Lower Austria. Discover the most beautiful ones here.

Short break in the mountains

Where to stay? Which tour is truly the best? Action, relaxation or a combination of both? Here, we have got the answers, and much more.