One like is enough.

Rax, © Niederösterreich Werbung/ Metjukrejza

The first step has been made. Our discovery tours.

Experience Lower Austria from the most beautiful hiking perspective: With the discovery tours we look at the best hiking tips and hands-on experiences of nature and mountain lovers as well as locals.

You are merely taking one step after the other, again and again, a thousand to umpteen thousand times over. At some point, you feel satisfied and a different kind of tired compared to that after a long working day - with a feeling of “I did it!” and a lot of happy hormones coursing through your veins. Hiking expands the world. There are so many hiking routes in Lower Austria. Be it forest bathing and soaking everything up in the Vienna Woods, mountain tours and poisonous plants around Ötscher, cellar alley hopping, or wineyards around Falkenstein. Whether high-altitude hiking with a view of the Danube on the Wachau World Heritage Trail, searching for places of rejuvenation in the Southern Waldviertel or long-distance hiking with panoramic views on the Vienna Alpine Arc, discover the most beautiful trails and get to know the most exciting stories of nature and mountain lovers.

All hiking discovery tours on a map.