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Lower Austria Wine Autumn

Celebrate the harvest of the year: At the wine festivals that will take place as part of the 'Lower Austria Wine Autumn', people on a short break will be able to taste the wines directly down Austria's famous lanes with wine cellars on either side.

In Lower Austria we love our wines so much that, here we have even a fifth season for them: the 'Lower Austria Wine Autumn'. From August to November, wine is the centre of interest.

From the stage flowering of grapevines to the harvest, from cellar lane festivals to harvest festivals, from the 'wine baptism' to the first tasting of young wines in the spring. When it comes to wine, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate all year round. The Lower Austria Wine Autumn is an Indian summer, when autumn is at its finest. The vineyards are golden yellow and chestnut brown. Little rainfall. The smell of pressed grapes and ripe apples hangs in the air. Nature submerges the seemingly endless rows of vines in soft colours. Now and then, magical clouds of mist float across the misty vineyard terraces.

The secret of the vintner's success: Tradition meets innovation

The Lower Austrian vintners score points in terms of their excellent wines. They are characterised by their regional affinity, tradition and the courage to innovate. Numerous successful vintners have settled in Lower Austria. The highest quality, professional craftsmanship of the vintner, the attitude of the vintner and the special soil of the vast country are the keys to success. The soil conditions are ideal for Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Weißburgunder and Chardonnay. The 1st  Districtus Austriae Controllatus, the Austrian classification for wine comes from Lower Austria. In Klosterneuburg Monastery tourists will enjoy the rare wine 'Roter Veltliner', in Austria's oldest wine-growing estate. Klosterneuburg Monastery. In the 'Wienerwald', local varieties such as Rotgipfler and Zierfandler invite the visitor on a journey of discovery.


Wine Road Festival

Wine culture: strong roots, young shoots

Like nowhere else in Europe, Lower Austria unites 2,000 years of winegrowing culture with the spirit of the age. The traditional cellar lanes attract the visitors and invite them on a journey into their cellars. For example, there's Rohrendorf, the longest cellar lane in Austria. The 'Lower Austrian Wine Route' is a source of inspiration for European winery architecture: The majority of the traditional, as well as modern, European winegrowing can be find here.

Wine festivals and wine tours for every taste: from wine tasting to a holiday at the wine-growing estate

The wine culture, which is lived out in such a lively way, is as loving as the wine which is cultivated in Lower Austria's wine regions. People gather to celebrate along the Wine Roads in one of the 1,100 cellar lanes.

Every day is a celebration.There are many opportunities to celebrate wine: hundreds of wine festivals, showcasing, 'Heuriger' (local taverns serving young wines) festivals and vineyard tours. The atmospheric, exquisite cellar lane festivals, which invite passers-by to sample and enjoy the new vintages, are a crowd puller. The famous cellar lanes and their winegrowers exude a traditional charm that visitors can hardly escape. Specialist wine shops combine top quality wines and gourmet enjoyment. Countless 'Heuriger' lure visitors in the eight wine regions. In particular, the good wines are elegantly presented at wine tastings, held in wine shops and at 'world of wine' events. With the delightful wine companion, the 'Wachauer Laberl' (a very special kind of bread roll) from Dürnstein, the crust becomes crunchier. Strengthened by the local fare, you can walk through the beautiful vineyards, hike and sometimes cycle. Whether on pleasure tripsor holidaying in the vineyardhosted directly by the vintner, wine lovers go into rhapsodies. What are you waiting for! Cheers!

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Our wine cellar lanes

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The eight winegrowing regions

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Living with wine

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On a wine hike or cycle tour

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Wine, cider and a cosy atmosphere!

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Wine Autumn Events

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Wine trips

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