3 lakes you must go to

The three-lake tour (3-Seen-Tour) in the Lower Austrian town of Lunz takes you from Lunzer See to Mittersee and Obersee – with a stop in Göstling an der Ybbs.

You need a good five hours to hike from Lunzer See to Mittersee and then up to Obersee and back down again. This route passes over alpine meadows and is lined with caves, waterfalls and floating mats, making it ideal for water and hiking enthusiasts.

The 3-lakes-tour (3-Seen-Tour) begins at crystal-clear Lunzer See and traverses the gently rolling Mostviertel.

From waterfall to raging bull
You go from the parking lot at Lunzer See first to Mittersee – and from there on to Obersee at an elevation of 1,113 m. All three lakes are fed by Seebach, which takes the guise of lake, stream or waterfall and is especially romantic as Ludwigsfall at Mittersee. The small cave known as the “raging Bull” (“Brüllender Stier”) gets its name from the sound of the rushing waterfall it contains. Another spectacle of nature awaits you on the southern and western lakeshores of Obersee. Peat moss matted together there forms a rare floating mat that oscillates as people or animals walk over it.

Finale in Göstling
Who likes hiking on an empty stomach? Over the course of the five-hour hike, the outdoor packed lunches taste especially good. At the end of the tour, you can stop in for a bite to eat at Stanglwirt in Göstling an der Ybbs or at Gasthof Zum Schützenwirt in Langau-Meierhöfen.