EuroVelo 9

On EuroVelo 9, cycle tourists can pass through the whole federal state, and get to see the many faces of Lower Austria.

EuroVelo 9 connects the Baltic to the to Adriatic, and constantly crosses through Lower Austria. The route leads from Breclav (Reintal border crossing) to Vienna, through the idyllic Weinviertel, before heading into the pleasant Thermenregion and Vienna Woods, and ultimately leading to Wechsel, where it becomes a track for mountaineers in the Viennese Alps.

A journey through Lower Austria

From the north, EuroVelo 9 leads through the Weinviertel. Cycle through the flat countryside, passing the wine cellars and vineyards. After a visit to a tavern, travel in the comfort of a train, or make an overnight stop. Afterwards, the route leads south of Vienna on the Thermen cycle route, which is another paradise for wine lovers, and offers stunning views of the rolling hills of the Vienna Woods. The route in the Viennese Alps is initially flat, before you reach the hills of Bucklige Welt. The highest point of the EuroVelo 9 route is at the top of the Wechsel, where ardent cyclists are rewarded with a magnificent view in the “visual paradise”.

Indulgence made challenging

From the serenity of the Weinviertel, to the imperial Vienna, to the luscious Thermenland and the exhilarating Bucklige Welt, the EuroVelo 9 route treats cyclists to a varied selection. Although indulgence is the top priority in the Weinviertel and Thermenregion in the Vienna Woods, the journey through the Viennese Alps is truly breathtaking – not just because of the challenging stage of the tour, but mainly because of the spectacular view. Our tip: A visit to a tavern in the Weinviertel or the Thermenregion in the Vienna Woods is just as worthwhile as a short stopover at the magnificent Laxenburg Castle, or a city tour of Wiener Neustadt.