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Cycling trip, © Franziska Consolati

Pleasure cycling in Lower Austria

Whatever type of bike you like and whatever speed you need, one thing is for sure - cycling is good for body, mind and spirit.

Paradise for pleasure cyclists: The magnificent cultural heritage of Austria’s historical heartland, with a variety of landscapes unequalled in Central Europe, is interconnected by a dense network of cycling paths.

The ten top cycling routes offer unrivalled cycling enjoyment, with their exemplary signposting, dense rail network, numerous inns and wine taverns, and special service stations, together ensuring an ideal cycle trip or cycling holiday. Mountain bike fans will also enjoy the perfect conditions, with easier routes for beginners and downhill slopes for more experienced cyclists, all leading through the most beautiful parts of the region - along the Danube, through the forests of the Waldviertel, through the hilly Mostviertel or through the vineyards of the Weinviertel. You should always have the cycling map of Lower Austria with you on your cycling trip.

Editor's tip: Get in the saddle and head to Lower Austria! Small, fine hotels, the locals' favorite inns, hidden tips and impressive treasures along the way are what make our six finely curated bike discovery tours so special.  

All cycle routes at a glance

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The cool wind in your hair. The beauty of the passing landscape. Only your own panting disturbs the boundless idyll. Sounds tempting? Then get in the saddle and off you go to Lower Austria.

Kamp-Thaya-March cycle route, © Niederösterreich Werbung/ Stefan Mayerhofer

Cycling without borders

Limitless cycling on the EuroVelos

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Cycling in the Mostviertel, © Mostviertel Tourismus, schwarz-koenig.at

Riverside cycle trails

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Radeln für Kids, © Stefan Fuertbauer

Cycling with children

Family-friendly cycle routes

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Always follow the grapevine , © Niederösterreich Werbung/Romeo Felsenreich

The most beautiful cycling routes in the wine region

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Granittrail, © Waldviertel Tourismus/Erwin Haiden

Cycling alongside railway lines

Always on track along former railway roads

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Traisentaler (Traisen Valley) Weinbergradweg, © schwarz-koenig.at

9 reasons to take to the saddle

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Cycling, © Stefan Mayerhofer

Cycling with Benefits. Our discovery tours.

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Triestingau cycle route, © Stefan Mayerhofer

Unpack your luggage and get on your bike

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Uphill Flowtrail, WexlTrails, © WexlTrails

Mountain biking

Downhill adventure

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