Weinland Niederösterreich, © Robert Herbst

Lower Austrian wine

High culture of treats: Lower Austrian wines are known and appreciated beyond the border.

It is said that the old Romans brought wine growing to Central Europe. When the Romans came to Lower Austria in 15 BC, the local people were already drinking wine. It is estimated that wine has been grown in Lower Austria for over 4000 years. In that case enough time for a wine culture to develop, which is unparalleled worldwide.

Our wine cellar lanes are part of that, where wine is pressed and stored. Or the wine taverns, where wines are poured out by the winegrower himself and served with local delicacies. Today Lower Austria is the largest wine region of Austria and enjoys an excellent reputation with its Grüne Veltliner and Riesling, which are surely amongst the best in the world. Led by a whole host of top winegrowers, Lower Austria has developed into one of the most interesting wine regions of Europe.