Weinland Niederösterreich, © Robert Herbst

The Lower Austria wine region

Over 28,000 hectares of vineyards, romantic wine cellar lanes and a millennia-old wine culture: Welcome to Austria’s leading wine growing region.

If you appreciate fine wines then you can’t pass by the wines, excellent in many ways, of the Lower Austrian winemakers. They know what they’re doing here - tradition meets innovation - this is where you want to stay.

Excellent variety and flavour

Grüne Veltliner as far as the eye can see, internationally famous Riesling and the finest of red wines: With 75% white and 25% red grapes the wine region offers something special for every wine connoisseur in its eight wine growing areas.

The Wachau region is widely known beyond our borders as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A wine tasting session is always worthwhile here. The same applies to fans of the Grüne Veltliner in Kremstal (Krems Valley), Traisental, Carnuntum, Kamptal (Kamp Valley) or in Wagram. Those drawn towards the south will find, among other things, indigenous specialities such as Zierfandler and Rotgipfler in the Thermenregion Vienna Woods. With its DAC awarded quality wines the Weinviertel particularly spoils you. How about a visit to the old wine cellar lanes - the “villages without chimneys”?

Worldwide unparalleled wine culture

It is estimated that wine has been grown in Lower Austria for over 4000 years. The Romans have already drunk together here. Consequently, a wine culture grew bit by bit which is unparalleled worldwide in this form. Along the wine roads wine villages, wine growers and fine wines tell their unforgettable tales.

Special flavour: Worth the experience!

It’s best to embark on a special wine journey and experience locally the true meaning of indulgence. Whether you’re on holiday in a winery or on a wine hike and cycle tour through the region - there’s one thing you can’t miss: Step by step and sip by sip the Lower Austrian wine tavern culture always leaves you longing to return. See you in a minute!

Short breaks for pleasure seekers

Lower Austria – a major winegrowing province along the Danube

The eight winegrowing regions

With its 27,000 ha of vineyards, Lower Austria grows more wine than any other province in Austria. The name covers a rich potential of wine provenances and wine styles of rare domestic wines but also international varieties. The eight specific winegrowing regions located in Lower Austria have sonorous names ranging from Wachau in the west to Carnuntum in the east. They can be roughly divided into three climatic zones: the Weinviertel in the north, the Danube region with the valleys of its tributaries west of Vienna and Pannonian Lower Austria to the southeast.