Wine is best served in the Heurigen

Enjoy wine, cider and a hearty meal in the numerous Heurigen in Lower Austria.

If you want to try wine from Lower Austria, you should definitely pay a visit to the Heurigen which are typical of the region!

The term “Heurigen” refers to a wine bar or tavern, where winemakers serve seasonal wines. You will be able to tell whether a Heuriger is open if there is a sign reading, “Aus’gsteckt is’!” outside, or by looking at our Calendar.

With a good glass of wine, or in a ciderHeurigen with a glass of cider, the Heurigen serve regional specialities – locally-produced sausages, cheeses, ham, bacon, cold meat, sauerbraten, all kinds of sandwich spreads, and much more. A well-known speciality of the Heurigen is the Brettljausen. Cold cuts of meats are served on a wooden board, along with spreads and vegetables such as pickles or chillies.

Other Heurigen with such a license also serve hot meals, which include meat dumplings, meatballs and roast pork.