Kellergasse Weinviertel, © Weinviertel Tourismus/Robert Herbst

Our wine cellar lanes

Well worth seeing above and below the ground: The wine cellar lanes of Lower Austria, which invite you every year to fabulous tasting sessions and unique events, are an institution for wine fans.

It is not only in the summer that the cool cellars are a welcome change. Whether in the Heurigen, or underground at a tasting session, the Kellergassen of Lower Austria offer the tastiest experience in the region.

1000 good reasons to have a glass of wine
There are more than 1000 Kellergassen – or villages without chimneys to use the vernacular – in Lower Austria. A kellergasse is a lane down which there are several wine cellars and pressing houses. The 1.6km-long Hadres in Pulkautal is the longest kellergasse in the area. But the most beautiful cellar lane can be found in the beautiful Weinviertel in Wildendürnbach.

Popular past and present
The oldest wine cellars date from the 17th century. They did not have a nationwide presence back then, but the cellars near to the vineyards were later expanded, until they lost their original purpose as production and storage areas in the 1950s as a result of their modernisation. Today, some parts have been recreated for special events.

A place of enjoyment and conviviality
Today, people meet in the Kellergassen to taste wine, put the world to rights, and to celebrate. They are still lively and popular, and connect rituals and modernity in the form of Heurigen, tastingsand delicious feasts.

Weinviertler cellar lanes