Lake scenery in the Mostviertel

When you dip your tired feet into the crystal clear water of the Lunzer See lake, you will wish that the summer will never end.

In Lunz, in the heart of the Mostviertel, the emerald green lake and the legendary summits meld to create a scenic pool landscape. It is no wonder that this idyllic alpinist village is such a favorite hiking and recreation destination for panorama enthusiasts.

Lunz am See, the mountains and the stage
Idyllic Lunz is on the crystal clear lake of the same name in the heart of the Mostviertel. The picturesque alpinist village surrounded by imposing mountains invites visitors to discover and explore the area along its many hiking routes. Especially popular is the annual contemporary art and music festival wellenklaenge that is held at the unique lake stage.

Breathtaking pool landscape: Lake meets mountains
Whether you go on foot, by water or aboard a boat, the emerald green Lunzer See ringed with splendid Alpine peaks is well worth circling. Our tip is to take a three-lake tour (3-Seen-Tour), because the other two lakes are equally worth seeing: Mittersee with its lovely waterfall and Obersee at an elevation of 1113 m with a small island in the middle of it.

Hiking over and under water
Töpperbrücke is a bridge and the ideal departure point for a hiking tour of Dürrenstein. Hikers pass by a fantastic subterranean waterfall known as the “Brüllenden Stier” (“raging bull”) before arriving at Grünloch, a sinkhole that is the cold pole of Central Europe with measured temperatures as low as minus 52.6° C. Arriving at the top, hikers are rewarded with a splendid view of the summits.