Triestingau cycle route

Families will love this route! It promises flat stretches, and its inns offer delicious goodies.

From the city limits of Vienna – Rannersdorf, to be precise – the beautifully flat route leads to Schönau an der Triesting. Along the way, cycling fans pass the romantic villages of Himberg, Oberwaltersdorf, Teesdorf and Günselsdorf, which make the route more comfortable thanks to their many refreshment stops.

The wild and romantic alternative route through the Thermenregion

Just like the Thermen cycle route, the Triestingau cycle route leads through the Thermenregion. It starts south of Vienna in Lanzendorf, and leads cyclists through 30km of impressive scenery, to Schönau an der Triesting. On consistently paved roads, which are mainly used by tractors, cyclists can enjoy the impressive panoramic views of the countryside, and the even route. It is hardly surprising that the Triestingau cycle route is also popular with families. Kletterpark Tattendorf (climbing park) promises sport, fun and excitement, thanks to more than 50 different climbing stations for big or small climbers alike.

Drift away and indulge

In addition to the lush countryside, the Triestengau cycle route is characterised by old spinning mills, weaving mills and felt factories. You can feel relaxed as you head down the flat stretches along the river, and leave the daily grind behind. In the many taverns in the Thermenregion, indulgence is very important, and so tempting delicacies await ardent cyclists. Our tip: Stop in the idyllic rest area and enjoy a cool dip in the Triesting river.