Wine + the forest = pleasant cycling

A leisurely ride through Wienerwald in the summer.

Wine connoisseurs and cycle tourists alike beam radiantly in Wienerwald in the summertime. Cycle through the cool forests, gaze out over the vastness of the vineyards, and as the crowning glory, enjoy fine local wines.

In the Wienerwald, cyclists feel in harmony with nature. Beginners, experiences cyclists, mountain bikers and pleasure cyclists alike rejoice in the spectacular views in the forests, in the meadows, and of the vineyards. In Gumpoldskirchen, cyclists regain their strength by eating a Wienerwald Laib (bread) from Bäckerei Eder. In Baden, the taste of authentic Wienerwald Punschkrapferl (rum-flavoured pastries with pink icing) from “Judith und die Torten” will sweeten your journey.

The taverns tempt you with their vast selections of wines including autochthonous varieties

The wine taverns of Wienerwald open their doors in the summer months – or as we say, “Ausg‘steckt ist”. The vines of Austria’s oldest and most traditional vineyards can be found in Wienerwald. The Freigut Thallern and the Weingut Stift Klosterneuburg make their autochthonous wines in harmony with nature and humankind. Wine connoisseurs can taste this care in every single sip.