Experience the south of Vienna by bike , © (c) Wienerwald Tourismus GmbH/Raimo Rumpler

Cycling, culture and pleasure on the river

Experience the south of Vienna by bike on the way along the Wiener Neustädter Canal in the Wienerwald thermal region

A lively walk along the water, the panoramic view of the sun-drenched vineyards and fields of the thermal region in the Wienerwald. Historical buildings such as sluices, bridges and aqueducts can be seen again and again: Where once coal, bricks and wood were transported on ships from Wiener Neustadt to Vienna, is now a delight for cyclists in the graceful landscape: The Wiener Neustädter Canal and the towns on its banks tell an interesting story of industrial history and are a versatile space for discovery. Wine taverns, taverns, inns, museums, excursion destinations and historical baths invite you to enjoyable stops on your trip.

To the wine.

Then as now, the Wiener Neustädter Canal connects cities and townswith different character. They tell of the wine, thermal springs and industry that once shaped the region.

If you set off by bike from Vienna, you will get to Vösendorf, pastBiedermannsdorf, Laxenburg, Guntramsdorf, Gumpoldskirchen, Traiskirchen, Pfaffstätten, Baden, Bad Vöslau, Kottingbrunn, Leobersdorf, Schönau an der Triesting, Sollenau, Ebenfurth and eventually past Wiener Neustadt, the scene of the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition 2019. 

Practical: All places can be reached by train or bus. So you can choose the starting point and the destination of your journey as you like.

By the water.

The best way to explore the Wiener Neustädter Canal is by bike. If you are going on a longer cycle tour, you can either take the Donauradweg (Euro Velo 6) or directly from the Euro Velo 9 coming from the Wine District, the newly signposted section, the Thermenradweg. The journey from Vienna through the wine and thermal region to Wiener Neustadt is about 60 delightful kilometres. The route is almost flat and mostly along the water. Newly designed rest areas invite you to hang out for a bit. New signs show the way to the places along the route.

Further attractive cycle paths branch off from the Thermenradweg

Refreshing discoveries

Extraordinary baths offer the promise of cooling down along the way: theRömertherme and the Thermalstrandbad in the elegant spa town Baden bei Wien or the historicalthermal bath in Bad Vöslau. Water splashes and flows also in the Schlosspark Laxenburg, in ponds, streams, over waterfalls.

Deliciously spoiled. Well bedded.

If you want to spoil yourself with culinary delights, you can visit one of the TOP Wine Taverns of the thermal region Wienerwald and pick one of the bike-friendly restaurants or aninn with the "Wirtshauskultur Niederösterreich" sign. Specialised “bett+bike” (“bed+bike”) hotels are ideal for overnight stays here.