How far would you go?

300 kilometres and just under 11,000 above sea level - the long-distance hiking trail over the Vienna Alpine Arc isn’t for the weak-hearted or weak legs.

19 stages and well signposted - the small but fine Vienna Alpine Arc. From the hills of the Bucklige Welt, it leads over the green Schwaigen of the Wechselkamm into the forested cultural world of Semmering and up to the highest peaks of the country, Rax and Schneeberg. Then, back to Wiener Neustadt, it goes over the Gutensteiner Alps and the Piestingtal with a view of the impressive Karst Plateau of the Hohe Wand. We talked to adventurers Franziska and Felix Consolati about the appeal of the long-distance trail. Mountain guide Peter Groß and ex-hotelier Eduard Aberham revealed their mountain philosophy to us and so we can show you the most beautiful sunny spots as well as animal must-sees along the Vienna Alps.

Hiking compass: How to find your way.

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