… aaaand action!

Fancy some mountains, a sense of freedom and adrenaline kicks? Then get your gear on, get on your bike and hit the Wexl Trails.

Flow trails, jumplines and downhill tracks - the Wexl Trails are something like a playground for adults, where you can let off steam with intent and without a guilty conscience. But how is a bike park actually created? That's what trail designer Philipp Wiedhofer told us. We also talked to former World Cup downhill pro Boris Tetzlaff, who some people know from Instagram - about the intoxication of speed, among other things. And because biking is such a great match for other adrenaline-pumping activities such as summer tobogganing and bull rodeo, we have a few hot tips for you there too. Ready?

First the action, then the good figure.

One change, two wheels

There are no end of curves on the Wexl Trails: If you don't frown at the terms flow trails, jumplines or downhill, the Wexl Trail is the perfect place for you. Adrenalin, action and freedom are written in capital letters here.