Streckentypen Mountainbike, © Niederösterreich-Werbung/Markus Frühmann

The four mountain bike routes

As a mountain biker you are recommended to drive the routes that match your own capabilities – various types of routes and levels of difficulty can help you with your selection.

In principle, a distinction is made between mountain bike routes, mountain bike trekking routes, single trails and shared trails. All routes are divided into the following categories; easy (blue), moderately difficult (red) and difficult (black).

Correct Route Direction

Mountain bike routes have fewer tarmacked areas than mountain bike trekking routes and are therefore, the preferred route for passionate mountain bikers. Tour riders or even e-bike users are more at home on the trekking routes. Furthermore, both types of routes may also have single trails and shared trails, whereby the latter is also frequented by hikers. Consequently, while paying attention to the Biker-Fair-Play-Rules exercise particular caution while cycling.

Types mtb routes