Following the Biker Fair Play rules helps make mountain biking more safe and enjoyable in a sustainable manner.

Rowerowy kodeks fair play – o ile jest przestrzegany – skutecznie przyczynia się zwiększenia bezpieczeństwa i radości z uprawiania kolarstwa górskiego

You must behave and respect the rules while mountain biking in the forests. You will always come across historic areas that are to be preserved for a long time to come and shared with others.

Safety through mindfulness

Numerous mountain bike regions joined together to define the Biker Fair Play rules together. For example, biking at night is prohibited as well as biking off the main route. Needless to say, exercise general caution and pay attention to any hazards. On forest roads it may often be the case that motor vehicles suddenly pitch or grazing livestock cross the paths.

Respect and cleanliness

Mutual respect toward others in the forest or the hunting and forestry staff is as self-evident as the avoidance of waste. The Biker Fair Play rules should bring these principles to mind and can be read on analogous maps as well as various websites. The rules in detail:

  • The marked bike routes may only be used within the contractually agreed periods: March, October from 9:00 –17:00 April, September from 8:00 –18:00 May to August from 7:00 –19:00
  • Respectful contact with the landowners and the hunting and forestry staff!
  • Consideration of others using the forest!
  • Drive at a controlled speed that will allow you to stop within half the distance!
  • Caution with regard to work machines, wood or impact holes on the road, grazing livestock and motor vehicle traffic (forest roads are operating areas and work places)!
  • Observe the road traffic regulations!
  • Consideration for cleanliness in nature!
  • Equipment check and the wearing of helmets!
  • Cycling away from the main routes and outside the approved times is illegal. Observation of driving restrictions and barriers!
  • Use of cycling routes at your own risk!