The mountain bike route

A mountain bike route is characterised by the condition, length, altitude and number of single trails and is divided into three levels of difficulty.

Mountain bike routes fundamentally refer to all authorised mountain bike routes that rarely have a tarmac content of more than 30% and blend into single trails, forest and mountain paths.

At the same time, this means that vehicles such as trucks or tractors may roam about or natural events could result in new sources of danger – thus, exercise caution.

Levels of difficulty

Mountain bike routes have three levels of difficulty: easy (blue), moderate (red) and difficult (black). Routes marked blue are family-friendly, often accessible with normal bicycles and generally free of traffic. Particular danger areas are well signposted. The red routes are suitable for advance bike aficionados, whereby adequate equipment is recommended – the maximum incline on short routes can be 17%. The black marked mountain bike routes are even steeper. These can really only be tackled by experienced bikers – appropriate equipment is mandatory.