The shared trail

Shared trails are special versions of the single trails, which can be used by walkers as well as mountain bikers.

Shared trails are marked once more with appropriate signs. Mutual consideration and respect for one another are particularly important.

Both groups must look out for and respect one another so that the shared use of paths by pedestrians and bikers is a success. When on your wheels please always think ahead and cycle with care and let groups of walkers always go ahead. The speed should be reduced immediately if a group of walkers is seen. On the other hand, hikers must move out of the way for approaching mounting bikes. This is the only way a symbiosis can work in accordance with nature.

Levels of difficulty

The levels of difficulty for mountain bike shared trails are divided, as with the single trails. Blue stands for easy, red for moderate and black for difficult – alongside the six-level single trail scale from S0 to S5. S0 and S1 sections of the route belong to the blue routes. Routes marked S2 consist of easy hairpin bends and obstacles that have to be conquered. Black marked routes are highlighted with the S3 to S5 levels of difficulty. Very good mountain biking command is necessary on an S3 route. Special trail bike techniques are necessary for both S4 and S4 levels to avoid falling off.