A piece of wilderness.

Waterfalls, gorges, rocks and orchids - the region around Ötscher is wild and undeveloped.

Around Ötscher - also often called Vaterberg - you can feel the elements; the gorges of Ötscher are an absolute hotspot when it comes to places for retanking energy. Athlete Gerald Demolsky takes us on an advanced Alpintour, including three summit adventures. We asked nature educators Claudia Kubelka and Katja Weirer about the wild botany in the region and gained deep insights into the world of medicinal herbs and poisonous plants. And of course, we also show the most beautiful hiking tours around Ötscher - including less demanding routes - and reveal a few wild secrets. For example, did you know that the last remaining parts of Central Europe’s indigenous forest lie here?

Hiking compass: How to find your way.

With the hiking compass we show the direction.
Here you can find where the most beautiful hiking tours lead and where you can best spend the night.

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