The most beautiful hikes around the Ötscher

The legendary treasure of the Ötscher has still not been found. But we have other treasures for you - the best hiking tours around the mountain massif.

The magnificent landscape around the majestic Ötscher - the landmark of the Most - not only invites you for hiking, but also to tours of discovery. In Lower Austria’s largest national park, the Ötscher-Tormäuer National Park, there are 170 km² of opportunities to immerse yourself in the impressive mountain world (and even more in the surrounding area).

If you haven't been to the Ötscher, you haven't seen Lower Austria, as the old saying goes. We agree with this saying and realise that those bubbling mountain streams, thundering waterfalls, rutted limestone mountains and striking gorges cannot be seen anywhere else in this form. In addition, extensive forests and broad Alpine pastures form an almost sacred alliance, holding magnificent Alpine flora and fauna in store for hikers everywhere. You are sure to come across two very typical inhabitants - the white-throated dipper and the monkshood. One is cute; the other is deadly. Good to know - monkshood is the most poisonous plant in Europe. Find out what you should avoid along the way on the poisonous plants and herbs hike through the Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park.

#1 To the Ybbstalerhütte and Dürrenstein

Duration: 5:45 h  |  Ascent: 1.264 egm  |  difficult  |  tour details

Karst formations, funnel-shaped depressions in the earth - known as sinkholes - and a more than lush Alpine flora and fauna - this is what hiking in Göstling an der Ybbs is about. You should definitely pay a visit to the Ybbstalerhütte. There are many hiking options from there - such as the one to Dürrenstein. This is located in the Dürrenstein-Lassingtal wilderness area and is mainly known for one thing - its quite demanding ascent. A big plus and unique reward is the view from the summit. But even without a "summit victory", a hike in and around the hiking village is worthwhile, as the dreamlike landscape here has an almost therapeutic effect on you.

#2 Over the Rauher Kamm to the Ötscher

Duration: 6:30 h  |  Ascent: 1.046 egm  |  difficult  |  tour details

The ridge climb over the Rauher Kamm up to the Ötscher - you will certainly not find another hike like this in the Mostviertel - imposing, demanding, but also undoubtedly the most beautiful route to the summit. It plunges you into deep green forests, leads past impressive panoramas - and demands a lot from its conquerors. Here, you not only need stamina and strength, but, above all, real experience in Alpine terrain. Isolated climbing passages over rock needles and lime towers are located here in an exposed position and should only be tackled by sure-footed mountaineers.

#3 The beautiful Anna-Alm

Duration: 1:15 h  |  Ascent: 408 egm  |  medium  |  tour details

The Anna-Alm - one of the most beautiful mountain huts in Lower Austria - is located at the top of the Hennesteck. And by the way, it has another ace up its sleeve - the distant view over the Ötscher, Hochschwab and Dürrenstein! And so that hungry mountain enthusiasts don't miss out - the panorama restaurant and panorama terrace invite you in to let your legs and soul dangle. A must for anyone who appreciates good cuisine with an impressive view.

#4 The Ötscher gorges

Variant A: Duration: 3:30 h  |  Ascent: 328 egm  |  medium  |  tour details
Variant B: Duration: 3:45 h  |  Ascent: 303 egm  |  medium  |  tour details

Barren rocks, clear water - the Ötscher gorges in the Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park offer a unique natural backdrop. Take in imposing waterfalls, such as the thundering Lassingfall, explore craggy rock caves and cross impressive white-water sites - it’s not for nothing that these gorges are considered one of the most striking landscapes in Austria. Just like the lumberjacks once did, you can hike the gorges on trails, bridges and footbridges of various levels of difficulty. The rushing, turquoise-blue water below you and a rest ahead at the Ötscher Base in Wienerbruck offers you a good reward after hiking. Perfect all round!

#5 From Lake Erlauf to the Gemeindealpe

Duration: 3:50 h  |  Ascent: 840 egm  |  medium  |  tour details

The challenging hike to the Gemeindealpe starts on the Lower Austrian side of Lake Erlauf, whose crystal-clear water leaves the visitors in awe. The trail leads along a forest path to the source of the Erlauf, past moss-covered stones and on through the fairytale forest. Then comes the first challenge - the ascent to the Brunnstein- and Brachalm. As a reward, you can take in a sensational view of the Ötscher. Then comes the next test of endurance, even for trained hiking enthusiasts - a steep ascent to the Gemeindealpe summit. Reward number two comes soon after with an even more overwhelming panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, Lake Erlauf and a well-deserved stop at the Terzerhaus.