Cycling around Vienna

Over 215 kilometres of Lower Austria’s diverse countryside can be easily explored by bike. Encounter water, woods and wine along the way.

It is easy to experience culture and nature on the Wienerwald route. Pleasure cyclists like to spend about five days on the 220km route (with hardly any inclines), so that they can appreciate the combination of culture and nature.

“Cycling in and around Vienna” becomes an experience, and leads pleasure cyclists to water, woods and wine. The 215km cycling route follows the river, and offers both a great cultural experience and fabulous scenery.

A relaxing ride: A beautiful tour route, with very few inclines

Inter alia, the route stretches along the old tow paths on the banks of the Danube, and the Via Sacra pilgrim trail leading to Mariazell. Along the way, there are magnificent monasteries, romantic meadows, sunlit woods, tranquil villages, and numerous innkeepers who are well prepared to welcome cyclists. Most of the route involves the four rivers: As well as the Danube, the Wienderwald route runs alongside the Traisen, the Gölsen tributary, the Triesting, and finally the Wiener Neustadt Canal. This therefore ensures very few ascents (there are only three, all of which await you in the fourth day stage), as well as cycle paths away from traffic.

Water, woods and wine

Water, woods and wine are the stars of the Wienerwald district. You will encounter all three in various ways during the Wienerwald cycling tour. The water is a faithful companion and leads the way along idyllic river banks, which are relaxing for achy calves, before luring you to the tradition-steeped baths in the spa town of Baden. Grasslands line the routes along the Danube and Traisen. Head through the lower alpine evergreen forests of Lilienfeld – Austria’s most densely wooded region – and then towards Vienna through unspoiled mixed forests. Wine is honoured in three sections of the route: Klosterneuburg, Traisental and Thermenregion are known not only for their excellent wines, but also for their unique wine tavern culture.

Good to know

The tour is not signposted as a separate Wienerwald cycling tour. Start by following the “Wiener Radwege” signs until you reach the Danube Cycling Trail. Then follow the signs of the Danube Cycling Trail (EuroVelo6), the Traisental Cycling Trail (No. 4), the Triesting-Gölsental Cycling Trail (No. 42), and finally the Thermal Spa Cycling Trail (EuroVelo9).

The cycling trails in detail