Danube cycle path (EuroVelo 6)

Families and pleasure cyclists love the Danube cycle path, with its historic places, splendid scenery, and great taverns.

The Danube cycle path leads along the EuroVelo 6 route, through the legendary Nibelungengau and the unique Wachau. It passes Melk Abbey, the cultural city of Krems and the floral town of Tulln, before heading through Klosterneuburg, Vienna, Petronell and Hainburg, to Bratislava.

Where cycling is comfortable

The flat Danube cycle path is one of the most beautiful cycle routes in Europe. Cycling by the Danube along the EuroVelo 6 route to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Wachau – where a visit to an inn is practically compulsory! – is always relaxing. After passing through the Danube-Auen National Park and the Roman settlement of Carnutum, the route continues to Bratislava. Those who want even more comfort can swap the quiet, well-signposted cycle route for the water route, and refuel during a boat ride.

Monasteries, museums and inns along the way

A tour of the Danube cycle path usually lasts longer than expected. This is not in terms of distance covered, but rather due to the many attractions. After all, you will find plenty of tales of chivalry, viewpoints and museums, delicious gourmet and tavern cooking, as well as romantic spots, where you will be unable to refuse a short rest. As luck would have it, there are also a number of accommodation opportunities and bike-friendly bett & bike establishments on the route, which are especially welcome after a visit to an inn. Incidentally, our favourite cultural stops are Klosterneuburg Abbey and Melk Abbey. They will really take your breath away.

Bicycle-friendly accommodation along the Danube cycle path

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