Triesting-Gölsental cycle route

Vast, varied landscapes and idyllic areas await pleasure cyclists on the Triesting-Gölsental cycling route.

From Schönau to Traisen, the Triesting-Gölsental cycle route connects the Thermen and Traisental cycle routes. Accompanied by the sound of the eponymous river, you will pass Berndorf, Hainfeld and St. Veit an der Gölsen, whilst taking in the beautiful countryside of Lower Austria.

Landscape diversity

The 60km-long Triesting-Gölsental cycling route starts in the quaint Schönau on the southern edge of the Vienna Woods, and is popular for family outings. Enjoy a pleasurable bike ride through picturesque villages, with several rest points, while forests, meadows and fields act as quiet companions. Further upstream, from Weissenbach an der Triesting to St. Veit an der Gölsen, the alpine landscape appears to be slightly hilly, before the Traisental cycle route joins the diverse Traisental cycle route in Traisen. Our spiritual tip: If you only want to follow the Triesting and the Gölsen, follow part of the old pilgrimage route, “Via Sacra”, from Vienna to Mariazell.

Shore picnics and tales of knights-in-armour

Pleasure cyclists can take in a number of cultural gems of the region along the way. For example, the ruins of Araburg Castle in Kaumberg (the highest-situated castle ruin in Lower Austria), with its many stories, or the restored Kleinmariazell pilgrimage church, are places where you can stop and explore. Along the cycling route, idyllic spots on the banks of the Triesting and Gölsen are perfect for cool refreshment stops. These are also appreciated by mountain bikers, who like to switch to the challenging mountain bike trails in the area around Altenmarkt.