Adventure and nature in Annaberg

With the Wutzl-Hinteregger family at Pension Kobichl

You need a lot of space to really romp around. At Pension Kobichl there is more than enough. The farmhouse is about 400 years old and has everything kids need to romp to their heart’s content – and parents or grandparents get a cozy home away from home for their vacation.

Amazing, isn’t it!

Only big kids get to ride tractors? No, we have a fleet of mini-tractors, too. You can ride around on our big adventure playground on them like a real farmer. Or you can stage a go-cart race around the house. The summer sledding run is a blast, too! And we can show you how to climb way up high on our climbing wall.

Where are the cows? Out in the alpine pasture, where they can graze on really good grass. That is why our milk and cheese always taste so delicious. You can see for yourself just how pretty it is in the pasture and enjoy the wonderful outdoors in the process. If you want, we could show you how to build a dam in our stream.

Horses are not always big! Our mini-ponies are very small. They like it when you take them for a walk – or if you ride on their back.

By the way, Pension Kobichl is one of eleven stops on Jochi’s farm adventure!    Follow this little Haflinger horse on his exciting tour and discover the area around Annaberg!

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